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your business and reach new markets?

At Export Development Canada (EDC), we know the right resources and tools will help you grow your business internationally. No matter the stage of your journey, we’re here to help your company unlock its potential and discover the export impact. 

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Power your growth plans with market knowledge

Global business intelligence has never been more critical to help you plan ahead to expand internationally or to make acquisitions in foreign markets.

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Fuel your growth with access to capital

To seize global growth opportunities, your company needs capital. With our unique expertise in international risk, and financial solutions, we can help you increase your cash flow, get more financing, ensure you get paid and even offer better terms to your customers.

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Grow internationally with the right connections

From buyers to suppliers, knowing the right people can help your business find resources, skills and partnerships to grow internationally. Our vast global network can connect you to the partners you need, in Canada and on the ground in markets abroad.

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Discover the export impact

Discover how EDC helped these companies unlock their growth

Whether it was getting the funding to make new acquisitions, gaining the knowledge to achieve their goals, or making the connections to expand their facilities, EDC had the missing tools to help them succeed. 

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