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You’ve reached a defining moment on the path to growth. At Export Development Canada (EDC), we know that doing business internationally gives you a much greater potential for growth. No matter the stage of your journey, we’re here to help your company discover the export impact, with three key factors to help you succeed.  

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Get essential market knowledge

Global business intelligence has never been more critical to help you plan ahead to expand internationally or to make acquisitions in foreign markets.

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Get better connected

From buyers to suppliers, knowing the right people can help your business find resources, skills and partnerships to grow internationally. Our vast global network can connect you to the partners you need, in Canada and on the ground in markets abroad.

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Get capital to fuel your growth

To seize global growth opportunities, your company needs capital. With our unique expertise in international risk, and financial solutions, we can help you increase your cash flow, get more financing, ensure you get paid and even offer better terms to your customers.

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“With our ambitions to export, we spent a lot of time studying EDC’s thought leadership resources through their website and webinars. After reaching out to them, their knowledge and connections helped us achieve our goals.”

Anthony Green, Co-founder, Greenhouse Juice Co.

“We put together a corporate plan for growth that involved a number of acquisitions and significant funding. Thanks to EDC’s leadership, influence and many connections and relationships, we were able to move ahead. If it weren’t for EDC, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Kurtis McBride, CEO, Miovision

“My dream was to expand to the U.S. market, but that would require new facilities and equipment. EDC came in as huge supporters and worked with the banks to provide them with guarantees to increase our operating line of credit and grow our business.”

Stefano Camaiani, President & CEO, Triple “A” Cheese